Ladies Week – A Guest Interview 

In the spring of 2017, we welcomed a group of women to Blue Water Cottages.

BWC: We are so pleased that you chose Blue Water Cottages for your ladies’ getaway. Can you tell us how you found us?

KA: One of the girls saw a posting on Facebook and then checked the open dates on the calendar on the website.

BWC: Why did your group believe that Blue Water Cottages would be a good place for the vacation?

KA: Well, there were several reasons. First of all was the location: We had some women coming from the Windsor and Essex County area, one woman from Chatham and another who was working in London at that time. The location was central for our needs.

Being spring, we were also interested in a place with a great outdoor space. Somewhere we could all sit, socialize and get some sun. The fact that it was on the canals in Lighthouse Cove was a huge bonus for us. We didn’t want a place in a typical crowded, loud, party beach town; we wanted something with some space and more low-key.

Also important was an updated and clean aesthetic. Jeez, we sound really picky!

BWC: No, that’s completely understandable and great! How did you ladies spend your time?

KA: Basically, we relaxed. We ate, drank, chatted and enjoyed the view. We dined out nearby, slept in, went for walks and bike rides. A few of the girls went kayaking and paddleboarding, which was fantastic, as we weren’t even looking for a rental on the water.

We had fires in the evening, made a ton of apps, drank wine and enjoyed the peace and quiet. We probably visited the liquor store a few more times than we anticipated!

BWC: Haha, it happens, and it all sounds so nice. Did the house meet your expectations?

KA: Everything about the house exceeded our expectations. The pictures we found online were amazing, but even they don’t do it justice. The house was so pristine, open and inviting. The backyard was a great size and the canal was so peaceful.

Everything we could possibly need in a vacation rental was provided for.

BWC: Fantastic to hear! Would you recommend a stay, or visit again?

KA: Absolutely! Some of the girls actually returned that same summer, and when we posted a few pictures on social media, we had so many people ask where we stayed. I believe a friend of a friend booked three weeks! Our group is looking to book a shorter stay, possibly mid-week, again later this spring.

BWC: I can help you with that! Thank you so much for your time. Your feedback and kind words mean so much to us. Thank you for choosing Blue Water Cottages, and thank you for sharing your photos with us! 

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