Experience the Thrill of Muskie Fishing in Lake St. Clair

Known to have the world’s largest muskie population, Lake St. Clair is a muskie fisherman’s paradise.

The muskellunge, commonly known as “muskie or musky” is a species of large, relatively uncommon freshwater predator, and the largest member of the pike family. Typically ranging in length from 28 to 48 inches and weighing in between 15 and 36 lbs, muskie are a thrill to catch. Maybe you’ll even reel in the “big one” – measuring up to 6 feet in length and weighing nearly 70 pounds!

Muskie Fishing Vacation Lake St. Clair

Whether trolling the gentle waters of Lake St. Clair in search of a large school of muskie or finding the perfect spot to cast your line, muskie fishing in Lake St. Clair is world-class and a “must experience” for fishermen of all skill levels.

What makes Lake St. Clair the ideal spot for muskie fishing?

  • The average depth of Lake St. Clair is approximately 10 feet.
  • Lake St. Clair is continually supplied with cold, fresh and clean water from Lake Huron.
  • Expansive shallow flats are the perfect spawning area.
  • The clear water makes for an ideal hunting ground for the muskie.
  • The catch and release policy ensures that the muskie population is large and healthy.

Cottage rental with boat dock Ontario

Whether heading out in your own boat trolling or angling for muskie, or hiring a local charter boat and knowledgeable guide, you are sure to be delighted with muskie fishing in Lake St. Clair!

If you’re looking for a perfect cottage rental as a base for your Lake St. Clair muskie fishing vacation, we’d be pleased if you considered Blue Water Cottages. This 2,600 sq ft home features a 77 foot long dock, with easy access to muskie fishing paradise!

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