Perfect Home Base For Your Fishing Adventure

We’ve been pleased to welcome so many fishermen who’ve chosen Blue Water Cottages as their home base for their fishing adventure.

With its shallow, calm and warm waters, Lake St. Clair is known as a fisherman’s paradise, and many have even had great success fishing right off our dock. Fishing in Lake St. Clair can be enjoyed all four seasons of the year.

Whether you bring your own boat and use our 77 foot long dock, or choose to hire a charter, combining your fishing adventure with a stay at Blue Water Cottages won’t disappoint!

For upcoming availability, please check out our calendar. To reserve your stay, please call or text: 519-996-8117

The Best of Both Worlds

Cottage rental with Boat Dock Lake St. Clair OntarioLove to boat? Fish? Enjoy time with friends and family? 


We have a 77-foot long boat dock in Lighthouse Cove, which provides deep and quick access to beautiful Lake St. Clair.

Enjoy your boating lifestyle and all the amenities of our upscale vacation rental. Imagine your days spent out on the water and evenings on the canal with a fire or barbecuing the days’ catch. Invite friends or family to join you – we can accommodate up to 9 overnight guests.

Enjoy the best of both worlds with a stay at Blue Water Cottages. Check out our availability and send us a text with your inquiry: 519-996-8117


The Best Way To Fish The Lake St. Clair Area

Whether you’re an experienced angler or it’s your first fishing outing, the best way to experience all that Lake St. Clair, Mitchell’s Bay, the Detroit River, Anchor Bay or the St. Clair River has to offer, is with a fishing charter.


CanAm Fish Charters 2 Lake St Clair (3)

Can-Am Charters

These guides are incredibly knowledgeable and will ensure your fishing adventure is a success!


Fantastic fishing opportunities aren’t limited to the summer months! Incredible fishing awaits you from the early spring to the late fall in the Lake St. Clair area, (not to mention ice fishing!). And it’s not just a “men’s thing”… hiring a fishing guide will create lasting family memories!

Depending on the season, your preference and fishing charter company expert recommendations, you can expect:

  • Walleye
  • Sturgeon
  • Trout
  • Giant channel catfish
  • Pike
  • Multiple species of bass
  • Perch
  • And of course, hands down, the best muskie fishing in the world!

If your time is limited or you have all day to enjoy a fishing adventure, hiring a charter is your best bet. They will not only take you to the best locations and advise you on the necessary gear, they will help you with licensing as well as rules and regulations pertaining to crossing the US and Canadian borders.

Here’s a list of some of the best fishing charters in the Lake St. Clair area. Check out their websites for valuable information and amazing photos.

Fish HeadZ Sport Fishing Charters or on Facebook

Flatsman Charters or on Facebook

Mr. Muskie Charters or on Facebook

Can-Am  Charters or on Facebook

Huskie Muskie Charters or on Facebook

Garrett Samsal St Clair Fishing or on Facebook

We’d like to offer a big thank you to the above Lake St. Clair area fishing charter companies for supplying us with these awesome photos!

“If people concentrated on the really important things in life, there’d be a shortage of fishing poles.” -Doug Larson

Experience the Thrill of Muskie Fishing in Lake St. Clair

Known to have the world’s largest muskie population, Lake St. Clair is a muskie fisherman’s paradise.

The muskellunge, commonly known as “muskie or musky” is a species of large, relatively uncommon freshwater predator, and the largest member of the pike family. Typically ranging in length from 28 to 48 inches and weighing in between 15 and 36 lbs, muskie are a thrill to catch. Maybe you’ll even reel in the “big one” – measuring up to 6 feet in length and weighing nearly 70 pounds!

Muskie Fishing Vacation Lake St. Clair

Whether trolling the gentle waters of Lake St. Clair in search of a large school of muskie or finding the perfect spot to cast your line, muskie fishing in Lake St. Clair is world-class and a “must experience” for fishermen of all skill levels.

What makes Lake St. Clair the ideal spot for muskie fishing?

  • The average depth of Lake St. Clair is approximately 10 feet.
  • Lake St. Clair is continually supplied with cold, fresh and clean water from Lake Huron.
  • Expansive shallow flats are the perfect spawning area.
  • The clear water makes for an ideal hunting ground for the muskie.
  • The catch and release policy ensures that the muskie population is large and healthy.

Cottage rental with boat dock Ontario

Whether heading out in your own boat trolling or angling for muskie, or hiring a local charter boat and knowledgeable guide, you are sure to be delighted with muskie fishing in Lake St. Clair!

If you’re looking for a perfect cottage rental as a base for your Lake St. Clair muskie fishing vacation, we’d be pleased if you considered Blue Water Cottages. This 2,600 sq ft home features a 77 foot long dock, with easy access to muskie fishing paradise!

Fishing Tournaments in the Lake St. Clair Area

Cottage rental with boat dock lake st clair fishing tournamentsLake St. Clair, Mitchell’s Bay and Anchor Bay are world-renowned for excellent fishing, so it’s no surprise that there are many fantastic fishing tournaments.

Interested in learning more about participating in a tournament in the Lake St. Clair area of southern Ontario or southeast Michigan? Here are some helpful links to get you started.

If you’d like to extend your fishing adventure with a “home port” to dock your boat, we’d be pleased if you considered a stay at Blue Water Cottages! Check out our availability, and feel free to reach out to us anytime for more information: 519-996-8117 or email:

Good luck and happy angling!